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I am most grateful for the scholarship to the SAT program and the calculator I received for free. Many students don’t get this kind of opportunity. As an AP Statistics student and future college student, the calculator I received will serve as a great tool for all my future endeavors. I thank you for providing the financial means as well as the educational support to make it possible for me to be prepared for the SAT and to have a calculator for both exams and practice. Thank you and Domo Arigato!

Jakasia T.

GIFT has been such a huge help! Without GIFT, our students would otherwise have to wait until March or April of their junior year to begin test prep, whereas GIFT provides higher quality SAT prep in the fall. Our students have increased their test scores by 150-200 points, which allows them to be able to apply to more rigorous schools at the last minute. The GIFT team went above and beyond to support our kids in unexpected ways.

Karime Flores

Assistant Principal, East Side Community High School, New York City, NY

Guess what! I got a 670 in critical reading! It is true- I have officially gotten 80 points higher in that section alone!

Mary D.

I want to thank WilsonDailyPrep for the care and diligence that you put into your work at Riverside High School — clearly the students have benefited!

Wendy Nadel

Executive Director of the Yonkers Partners in Education

Laura and Graph It Forward Today have been an amazing gift to my students.

Jane Wermuth

Principal, Yonkers High School

I’m not sure if you remember me but you sent me an email saying I was a Super Star. Haha. I used your strategies and calculator and increased my score 150 points from the June SAT test, and 260 points from when I first took the test last December

Jasmine C.

I received my SAT scores today. I went up 200 points! Thank you very much for helping

Allan D.

East Side Community High School student

I am sincerely thankful for the calculator you gave me. I am well aware that this calculator costs a hefty amount…it will help me succeed in my current AP Microeconomics class as well as on the SAT.

Melvin S.

It is always a joy to have you share your energy and expertise with our students. They are so appreciative with all you do with them.  Thank you for being so attentive to the needs of our program and students.   The phone calls home and the attentive coaches make a difference.

Marlyn Paris

Lead Student Advocate, Take Stock in Children

Thanks to GIFT and Wilson Daily Prep, United Way of MA Bay and Merrimack Valley is able to provide low-income youth from Greater Boston with the skills necessary to raise their SAT/ACT scores and achieve their dreams of going to college.

Karley Ausiello

Senior Director, Community Impact United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

I cannot possibly thank you enough for the incredible opportunity you have provided to the students in our AVID program. The daily SAT prep has been invaluable. The students were beyond excited to receive their graphing calculators; they have never before had their very own! Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Nicholas Mergler

Coordinator of College Prep, School for the Arts, Rochester, NY

Thank you for the graphing calculator and SAT math books! Having the calculator erodes my worries…prior to owning one, I had to ask my friend to use his frequently, because the math courses I take require such a tool. I’m a lover of math, so a calculator is the most awesome gift that I could receive

Narissa P.

Coordinator of College Prep

Thank so much for all of your help.  Keisha found this program and test prep helpful for her SAT test this past week.  There was a lot of tips that she used and she even had time to go back and check herself on math problems.  Thank you ALL again for the GREAT job.

Mrs. Adarkwah

Thank you so much for helping me improve my SAT scores. All my scores improved, and my total score actually improved 190 points by doing your prep work everyday. GIFT is fantastic.

Clay G.

Francisco has taken the SAT this weekend and we would like to thank you and your staff in letting Francisco use your assistance and services through Columbus High School.  It has been a tremendous help to Francisco in preparing for this test.  Without it we don’t know what we would have done.

Ms. Melendez


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